Avias Rallidae: My Twin Flame

When creating characters, a writer inevitably puts pieces of themselves inside each character they create. Often times, an author’s (unintentional) self-insert will be the main protagonist. This could be said about the main protagonist of my Akasha series, Charlie Damuzi, as people close to me have said she reminds them of me. However, I personally most identify with the supporting character, Avias Rallidae.

Avias is introduced in the middle of the first book, Passage, as a good friend of Charlie’s and a potential love interest for Tirigan, Charlie’s twin brother. He receives more development in the second novel, Kindred, and will continue to receive more storylines and character development as the series progresses.

As a character, Avias is unapologetically pretentious, intelligent, and bold. To his dismay, Avias is also quite funny, compassionate, and generous. He hides his feelings behind sarcastic comments and a special brand of aggressive apathy, both delivered in his posh British accent. Although I do not have a posh British accent, I too hide most my emotions behind humor or feigned indifference. This is unlike Charlie, who mostly wears her heart on her sleeve and is very genuine with her emotional expression. I think Charlie is healthier in that respect, but Avias is far more relatable to me.

Hiding one’s true feelings is a defense mechanism for those who have been burned by sharing their emotions in the past, or by those who feel ashamed of their feelings. Why Avias chooses to keep his guard up is a part of his journey, both past and present.  This will be explored further as the series continues.

As much as I enjoy writing for him, Avias Rallidae challenges me as a writer. He forces me to be hold things back, which may be organic to me as a person, but can be difficult as a writer. An author always wants to share more with their audience, but, somehow, Avias manages to hide while still being fully present. It’s a delicate balancing act; one I hope readers will enjoy.



Twins: Myth, Magic, & Reality

The topic of twins always sparks a twinge of mysticism, no matter their origin. The concept of one becoming two feels magical. There are so many great mythologies that involve twins, and so many tales that endeavor to persuade readers to love one twin over the other. Take the Iroquois creation myth, for example. According to the Iroquois, a set of twins was once born to a sky goddess. Sapling, the kind and gentle twin, created all that was good, and Flint, the cold and dark twin, created all that was evil. Their differing moralities forced a confrontation, one that ended in Flint’s defeat.

It’s a clean story. Good overcoming evil, light overwhelming dark. It’s all wrapped up in a neat bow, making readers feel warm and safe.

It’s not realistic.

Even the most terrible people have shreds of goodness within them. The most saintly among us sometimes dwell in the shadows. Everyone is shades of gray, even if some shades are lighter or darker than others. To commit an entire person to good or evil is simply absurd, even for the sake of a story.

In most tales of twins, they’re depicted as being separated by their differences, one usually harboring more darkness than the other. This theme is explored thoroughly within the Akasha series, but black and white personalities are rarely very interesting. Characters are at their most fascinating when they showcase how complex they are. For Charlie and Tirigan, the twin protagonists in the Akasha series, the powers they were born with mark them as opposites, just as Sapling and Flint, but this fact is revealed gradually. The slow reveal of their true natures gives Charlie and Tirigan a chance to understand themselves in other ways first, so they have the capacity to challenge how authentically their power represents their true identity.

In the universe I’ve created, twins are telepathic due to their shared soul. This close bond is both a blessing and a curse, allowing twins insight into one another’s mind, but not necessarily their heart. Charlie and Tirigan struggle just as all siblings struggle from time to time, with their relationship and with their perceptions of each other. When their power sources are revealed in book two, Kindred, the twins will be forced to confront hidden truths neither is ready to acknowledge.

How does one reconcile that they were built for destruction, while their twin was graced with creation? How does your equal, your other half, become your natural foe? Must they become your foe at all? These questions will plague Charlie and Tirigan as they come into their powers, navigate new relationships, and understand who they are to one another.

Start twins Charlie and Tirigan’s story from the beginning with Passage, book one of the Akasha series, and look for Captive, the first character companion novella, this fall. Salvage, the third book in the Akasha series, is set for release in 2020.

Kindred is on It's Way!

A lot of exciting Akasha content coming your way over the next several weeks, all of it leading up to the release of Kindred: Book II of The Akasha Series on February 2nd!

First up, the cover! I have to thank Extended Imagery for their awesome work on the design. So thrilled to finally be able to share it will all of you!


And We're Live...Basically

As of today, anyone and everyone can order a paperback version of Passage!

I had wanted to wait and release the paperback on March 13th, like the e-book, but createspace doesn't really give you an option of when the book is released once you approve your proof! 

Oh well.

I'm well aware that most people will buy the e-book over the paperback, not only for its economical price but because purchasing a physical copy of a book by a writer you've never heard of is virtually unheard of these days. So, I'm hoping friends and family will buy paperback version just so they can point to their book shelf and be like, "Hey, I know this chick." 

The whole marketing part of this overwhelming monstrosity of a process is terrifying. I am not one to promote myself so this is just kind of...well...yeah. This is how good I am at it:

"Buy my book? Please? I mean, if it isn't too much trouble and you've got an extra .99 on you. But only if you really want to. No pressure."

How'd I do?

Formatting, AKA Hell on Earth

This week has been all about formatting, and let me tell you...that shit is no joke. 

 I'm lucky enough to have a great editor who has been indispensable when it comes to cutting down my wordiness and inserting the forgotten commas, however, editing your own work is a major bitch. Not only because you've got to look at your own work objectively (for the upteenth time), but because when you're in your final edit, you've got another thing to worry about. 


I'm not talking simple indentations and margins. I'm talking the endless drama of page breaks, headers & footers, page numbers, spacial relationships, and the dreaded pre and post book content.

On Monday, I bought and downloaded an interior design template, because I'm cheap and don't want to pay someone to do it. I inserted my book into the template on Tuesday and began working on the proper formatting. Even with the template, it took me two full days to get the book formatted correctly. Two days of cursing, crying, ignoring my children's basic needs, and refusing food and drink- except vodka. There were moments when I just screamed at my computer, hoping the verbal abuse would have some kind of impact. It didn't. There were moments when I pondered my own existence, and wondered how on Earth I had gotten so far in life without knowing how to correctly format a word document. It was perhaps the most stressed I've felt during this entire process so far. 

However, while I completely understand why people pay someone else to do it now, I am glad I chose the cheaper route. It was two days of torture, and there are bound to be more issues that crop up, but now my book interior is done and I didn't have to shell out hundreds of dollars. 

I get a batch of edits every Friday from my editor and we're getting close to the end. The book cover looks great and I can't wait to share it with you guys.  

Im so excited I think I just peed a little.