Formatting, AKA Hell on Earth

This week has been all about formatting, and let me tell you...that shit is no joke. 

 I'm lucky enough to have a great editor who has been indispensable when it comes to cutting down my wordiness and inserting the forgotten commas, however, editing your own work is a major bitch. Not only because you've got to look at your own work objectively (for the upteenth time), but because when you're in your final edit, you've got another thing to worry about. 


I'm not talking simple indentations and margins. I'm talking the endless drama of page breaks, headers & footers, page numbers, spacial relationships, and the dreaded pre and post book content.

On Monday, I bought and downloaded an interior design template, because I'm cheap and don't want to pay someone to do it. I inserted my book into the template on Tuesday and began working on the proper formatting. Even with the template, it took me two full days to get the book formatted correctly. Two days of cursing, crying, ignoring my children's basic needs, and refusing food and drink- except vodka. There were moments when I just screamed at my computer, hoping the verbal abuse would have some kind of impact. It didn't. There were moments when I pondered my own existence, and wondered how on Earth I had gotten so far in life without knowing how to correctly format a word document. It was perhaps the most stressed I've felt during this entire process so far. 

However, while I completely understand why people pay someone else to do it now, I am glad I chose the cheaper route. It was two days of torture, and there are bound to be more issues that crop up, but now my book interior is done and I didn't have to shell out hundreds of dollars. 

I get a batch of edits every Friday from my editor and we're getting close to the end. The book cover looks great and I can't wait to share it with you guys.  

Im so excited I think I just peed a little.