And We're Live...Basically

As of today, anyone and everyone can order a paperback version of Passage!

I had wanted to wait and release the paperback on March 13th, like the e-book, but createspace doesn't really give you an option of when the book is released once you approve your proof! 

Oh well.

I'm well aware that most people will buy the e-book over the paperback, not only for its economical price but because purchasing a physical copy of a book by a writer you've never heard of is virtually unheard of these days. So, I'm hoping friends and family will buy paperback version just so they can point to their book shelf and be like, "Hey, I know this chick." 

The whole marketing part of this overwhelming monstrosity of a process is terrifying. I am not one to promote myself so this is just kind of...well...yeah. This is how good I am at it:

"Buy my book? Please? I mean, if it isn't too much trouble and you've got an extra .99 on you. But only if you really want to. No pressure."

How'd I do?