Avias Rallidae: My Twin Flame

When creating characters, a writer inevitably puts pieces of themselves inside each character they create. Often times, an author’s (unintentional) self-insert will be the main protagonist. This could be said about the main protagonist of my Akasha series, Charlie Damuzi, as people close to me have said she reminds them of me. However, I personally most identify with the supporting character, Avias Rallidae.

Avias is introduced in the middle of the first book, Passage, as a good friend of Charlie’s and a potential love interest for Tirigan, Charlie’s twin brother. He receives more development in the second novel, Kindred, and will continue to receive more storylines and character development as the series progresses.

As a character, Avias is unapologetically pretentious, intelligent, and bold. To his dismay, Avias is also quite funny, compassionate, and generous. He hides his feelings behind sarcastic comments and a special brand of aggressive apathy, both delivered in his posh British accent. Although I do not have a posh British accent, I too hide most my emotions behind humor or feigned indifference. This is unlike Charlie, who mostly wears her heart on her sleeve and is very genuine with her emotional expression. I think Charlie is healthier in that respect, but Avias is far more relatable to me.

Hiding one’s true feelings is a defense mechanism for those who have been burned by sharing their emotions in the past, or by those who feel ashamed of their feelings. Why Avias chooses to keep his guard up is a part of his journey, both past and present.  This will be explored further as the series continues.

As much as I enjoy writing for him, Avias Rallidae challenges me as a writer. He forces me to be hold things back, which may be organic to me as a person, but can be difficult as a writer. An author always wants to share more with their audience, but, somehow, Avias manages to hide while still being fully present. It’s a delicate balancing act; one I hope readers will enjoy.