Creative Writing Series: Dictionary Detail

This week's exercise: Choose ten random words from a dictionary and use them to suggest a character, a setting, and a problem. Put the character into a situation where the problem is not easily overcome and write a short story.

I used a random word generator on the internet and received these ten words:

pic of my words.jpg

I gave myself around ten minutes to think about these words and the story I would write, then gave myself an hour and a half to actually write and edit it. 

  If you're reading this, it means I'm probably dead. 

  My dad said it was a good idea for me to write some of this shit out, and if I was stupid enough to leave this laying around somewhere, its probably because I was killed before I had a chance to rip it to shreds and feed it to the fire. 

We've been hearing things lately. Sometimes it ends up just being one of ours, fighting off insomnia with midnight walks, but Dad said he saw someone watching us through the parked cars in front of the gate last night. Ever since he nearly cut my hand off, Dad's been more than a little on edge. We all have. Constantly looking over our shoulders. Someone is always crying. Its actually getting to be a little annoying. Its been a week, but I still feel numb.

People are reaching out to each other more than ever. Dad and Michonne are attached at the hip. Enid and I...well, things are happening there too. It feels weird to write it down. I keep worrying that Father Gabriel is going to point his finger at me in the street and yell, "Fornicator!", especially since I'm seeing him all the time now. He's become Judith's regular babysitter, the two of them have gotten really close. I think the missing lollipops from the food storage has something to do with it.

Maggie is the only one who seems to want to pull away. Losing Glenn...I can't actually write about that yet. I wouldn't know what to write. He was family. Abraham was...he was almost family. It's been really hard this week, living here without them. Maggie is feeling better. On best rest. But her and Dad are pretty much in direct opposition of each other. He thinks we should just cower and law down like dogs to Neegan and his men, but Maggie wants to fight. I hear her in her room, organizing things will Sasha. I haven't told Dad or Michonne yet. Part of me thinks she is right. I mean, I don't want to lose my arm, but I don't think we should let these guys get away with what they've done to us. To quote Father Gabriel, "The amplitude of our suffering, should not diminish our power." Sometimes I think he phrases things to make me think it's from the bible, but I know it almost never is. Either way, I think he sides with Maggie.

Sometimes its easy to forget we are living through a zombie apocalypse, when its the living that scare us the most. I try not to think about it, but no matter what I do, my mind lands somewhere between the walker my mother turned into, and the way Glenn's brain looked scattered in the dirt. No matter how hard I try to forget, both images are seared into my brain forever.

There's so much I'd like to erase. Things just keep happening though. I can't stop them. Dad can't stop them. Michonne can't stop them. Maybe Maggie can. Maybe Maggie is the leader we ne

Who doesn't need a little Walking Dead Fan-fiction in their life? Cliffhanger endings are my jam.