Anne Bowell of Drops of Ink


Can you tell us about your new release? What inspired you to write it?
"Passage is the first of an eight to ten book Sci-Fantasy series. There will also be five to seven novellas that will serve as character studies for certain characters throughout the series. The novellas do not continue Charlie and Tirigan’s (the main character’s) storyline, but significantly enrich the world I‘m creating and provide a lot of insight and context to side characters.

For me, when I’m reading a series, the plot is obviously super important and should be given careful thought and planning, but the characters are why I keep coming back. I wanted to create a story with characters that people can relate to. And for me, that means more diversity.

I want to bridge the gap between literature and “queer” literature. I want more women of color heroines. I want more representation of the asexual spectrum. I want realistic love triangles and family dynamics. I want to challenge the social status quo, and tell an exciting and mysterious story at the same time.

I was inspired by the world as it really is, and want more genre fiction that showcases that diversity in an incidental way."

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What inspired you to write PASSAGE?

"To be quite honest, Passage’s origin story is one of sheer vindictiveness. I started writing what would become books one and two of The Akasha Series after having been burned one to many times by the genre fiction’s social status quo. I wrote the first two books of what will be an eight to ten book series because I really want more genre fiction books that represent all kinds of people. I wanted to shine a spotlight on the different kinds of relationships people engage in, while not making the story all about the relationships. I also wanted to write something mysterious and exciting, something that builds into a multi-book puzzle. "

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