New Words to Learn and Love

There are several words in The Akasha Series that will look made up. They're not. Promise. Here is a little breakdown of what you can expect.



This word is used to represent "the spirit" in Indian mythology. Many believe "spirit" or "ether" is the fifth element. Charlie and Tirigan, as half-Anunnaki, half-Tessera hybrids have unknowingly formed a new species. They are the Akasha. The fifth element.


There is a lot of real history and mythology regarding the Anunnaki, but I only picked and chose what I liked and formed my own version of this species. You can read more about the real mythology of the Anunnaki here. 

In the Akasha Series, the Anunnaki are an alien species from the planet Erdu that have been living amoung humans on earth since the dawn of time. They left and returned to Eridu before a major astronomical event destroyed earth and exterminated the humans, but the Anunnaki returned to earth after it's atmosphere healed. They now share the Earth with the Tesséra, but live only in the southern hemisphere.

The native language I am using for the Anunnaki is Sumerian, and several Sumerian words will be used throughout the series. Tirigan himself was named after a Sumerian king. 

Sumerian words used: (updated as needed)

Bêru- unit of measurement. About three miles.

Eridu- Arguably the oldest city in the world. I use it as the name of the Anunnaki's home planet.

Sarrum- king

šēpusi - unit of measurement. About one meter.



The Tesséra are the elemental human species that live in the northern hemisphere. They have the ability to manipulate one of the four elements, depending on which element their body naturally gains control of after birth. They survived the astrological event by using their powers to their advantage, although most of their species was exterminated along with the "Aplos" humans, or non-elemental humans.

The Tesséra mostly use Greek for things relating to their powers, as Greece is believed to be the origination of the Tesséra species. There will be more information on that in the books.

The Four Types of Tesséra: 

Gi- Earth

Aéras- Air

Fotiá- Fire

Neró- Water

Tesséra factions:


"As we proliferate, so does our weakness."

Aggressively pursues their interests. They frowns upon excessive procreation and believe that the more Téssera born, the more people there are to draw power from the Earth. This leaves less power to draw from and weakens the power of individuals. 


"With Earth comes life, with life comes prosperity."

Largely pacifists. They seek to repopulate the Earth and claim that the decimation of elemental power as population increases is a natural progression of their species.