Passage Giveaway



"There is nothing new under the sun.
Where my people come from, there is more than one sun in the sky, but I don't imagine an increase in stars correlates to the amount of monotony one finds in their daily lives. There is nothing new under any sun, and even when you're constantly moving, life can be stagnant."

                                                                         - Charlie Damuzi, Chapter One, Passage

As much as I love her, Charlie seriously needs to chill. There is lots of new things under the sun to enjoy!

My literary fantasy series for example.

Exciting adventure, family squabbles, and fantasy world building aside, The Akasha Series is ultimately a love letter to science. It's proof that the truth of science can be just as fantastic as the fantasy of fiction. It's literary fantasy that crosses over many sub-genres on its way to its ten book completion.

Enjoy deciphering chapter title meanings as you weave your way through two minds and two timelines. Stop over for some family drama, only to be whisked away by an elemental battle or two. Trust your instincts, because you can't always trust Charlie and Tirigan.

This is Passage, the first part of Charlie and Tirigan's story, and you can win a free paperback copy of your very own! Subscribe to my blog and you'll be entered to win one of five copies I'm giving away!

Winners will be announced April 2nd! Good luck!

Congratulations to the five lucky winners!

For privacy reasons, I will not be sharing their names but I've asked the winners of the Passage Giveaway to share a picture of their signed copy when it arrives under the hashtags:

#PassageGiveaway #TheAkashaSeries

Keep a look out!