Series Overview

When I'm through, there may be enough Akasha books to fill an entire library shelf.

When I'm through, there may be enough Akasha books to fill an entire library shelf.


The Akasha Series

What makes a great series?

In my opinion, a great series is conceptualized and story-boarded long before the first book is published. A great series pulls elements and plot lines from all the novels and brings them together to tell a truly epic tale. A great series gives hints to future story lines long before you know what you're looking at. 

That is what I am trying to accomplish here. Since I've conceptualized most of it, I'll give you a little taste (spoiler-free) of what is to come.

Book I- Passage

On sale early spring of 2018, Passage is the first book in The Akasha Series. 

After discovering who they truly are, Charlie Damuzi and her mute twin brother Tirigan must flee the safety of their father’s arms and journey across the world to save their mother. Despite the lies their parents fooled them into believing, the twins want nothing more than to reunite their family. With new and confusing powers at their disposal, Charlie and Tirigan travel on high alert, desperate to keep the dangerous truth of their identity a secret. On their journey they befriend a family with secrets of their own. It is with a little help from these new friends that Charlie and Tirigan begin to realize the extent of their mother’s deceit, and the true scale of the power they possess.

Written mainly from Charlie’s perspective, Passage and Kindred are broken into two timelines. Charlie, confident and witty, speaks of the present. It's her voice on days one through thirty-nine . While Tirigan, heedful and logical, occasionally informs the reader of the twin’s future, beginning on day forty and ending on day forty-five. By reading from both perspectives, readers are offered not only more insight into the story but also more clarity in how Charlie and Tirigan view each other and themselves.

Family. Deception. Power. Destruction.

All of it begins on day one.


Book II- Kindred

Kindred is Part II of  Passage, the debut novel in The Akasha Series. This novel is complete and has gone through three rounds of self-edits. I will be sending it to my editor sometime after Passage is released.

In Kindred, we pick up right where we left off in Passage. Both Charlie and Tirigan continue their separate timelines in the story. At the end of Kindred, their timelines merge and their story continues.

The tone of Kindred is mostly peaceful, with short bursts of overwhelming fear and distrust. The twins continue to educate themselves on their powers with the help of their new friends, while delving deeper into their mother's past. There is action, illness, heartbreak, and a whole lot of deception.

The world is even more developed in Kindred, as are the characters, and by the time Kindred is finished, there are more questions than answers. 

And the epilogue?

It's a doozy.  


Novella I- Finn

That's right, there will be several companion novellas in this series that dissect certain characters and their  motivations. This first one is devoted to Finn, a character that is introduced in the first book. I can't say more than that without giving away too much. 


Book III- Salvage

Salvage picks up seconds after Kindred is finished. I have written about ten chapters of it, but have story-boarded all of it.

As the Damuzi twins investigate the Dynami faction, secrets and lies that surround Calla are viciously revealed, and Charlie and Tirigan aren't prepared to deal with the fallout.

The tone of Salvage is heated, dark, and menacing. Everyone is angry and trust is hard to find. There is a lot of action and more than one death by the end of the book. Charlie makes new friends, lovers, and enemies. Tirigan tries to overcome that which keeps him from truly opening up. 


Novella III- Kor

This novella is one that will be a blast, but nearly impossible to write. Kor is far more complex than I think even I realize, and writing for him will be a challenge. There will be a lot of revelation in this one.  


Book IV- Cull

   The tone of Cull is extremely dark. The themes are: solitude, depression, and loss. Eventually those themes transform into hope, recovery, and the will to survive. I can't give you much more than that without spoiling things. Just know there will be a major discovery in this book and it'll be a hell of a ride.

The epilogue of Cull gives us a hint as to what a certain characters has been up to lately.


Novella III - John

This novella is devoted to John and his perspective from the moment the twins leave him in the jungle, all the way to the present. There will be insights into his past and his character's motivations.


Book V- Resuscitation

Resuscitation is largely about new beginnings and molding life into what works for you, not what works for everyone else. This one is heavy on the romance front, but there is so much more to be found inside this book. The question of "speciesism" arises, and the Efforos faction gets looked at under a microscope.


Novella IV- Calla

You only have to wait five books and three novellas to finally get the real and complete story from Calla, Charlie and Tirigan's mother, herself. That's not too long to wait, is it?


Book VI & VII- Arrival Parts I & II

These novels are prequels, written from Talibat Damuzi's perspective. Remember him? Our mysterious prologue author! These books are about the Anunnaki returning to earth after the earth is partly restored to its original form. We get to see the first Anunnaki and Tesséra meeting after the impact, and we learn what truly happened to cause the two species to split the world in half.

Novella V- Porter

This novella is devoted to a character named Porter. I can't tell you a thing about him or entirely too much will be revealed. Let's just say, he's a pivotal character that brings a lot to the story.


Books VIII, IX, & X

The final books in The Akasha Series will wrap up the series. I know how I want it to end, and I've got quite a few plot points figured out, but as I've stated elsewhere, you have to let your characters guide you. So, I am leaving some things open for adjustment and character growth.

In these last novels there will be more than one epic battle between species and factions. There will be a lot of love and loss. Missing or absent characters will return and beloved characters will have to say goodbye. There will be a lot of unanswered questions until, finally, everything is laid bare.

I won't guarantee you a happy ending, but I can guarantee you a satisfying one.

Novella Vi- Neva

I know you don't know who this is, but she is a vital character in the series. Neva will be introduced at the very end of Kindred. It will be impossible for you to forget her. Trust me, I can't say much about her right now, but you'll be waiting on pins and needles for this companion piece. It will be released after Book VIII.

Novella VII- TBA

This novella will be devoted to a character that I have yet to name. They become a very important person in Tirigan's life and will definitely deserve a companion piece of their own. It will be released after Book IX.

Disclaimer: I am not the creators of How I Met Your Mother who insisted on following their original formula despite how far their characters had deviated from their original conception. Story lines may be  added, changed, or deleted depending on where my characters go in the story. This is just a rough estimate of the series. There could be more books & Novellas, there could be less. Just enjoy the ride.